Charlotte Running Club Board Election: Candidates and Voting

Here are the eight candidates for the Charlotte Running Club Board elections:

Tanya Bacon

Debra Dandro

Susan Evren (Sears)

Art McDonald

Philip Sanford

Pauline Schwerbrock

Irene Shin

Christi Stephenson

The voting poll will be open until Monday June 17th when the four candidates with the most votes will be given a seat on the Board. Please review the submissions below before voting to learn more about each candidate. The election winners will be announced on social media. Our Summer Social taking place Saturday July 20th at NoDa Brewing will be a great opportunity to meet the new board.

Only active members of the Charlotte Running Club are allowed to submit votes for the Board.


If you are not a member and would like to join, annual memberships are $20 for individuals, $15 for students & seniors, and $30 for a family membership.


Tanya Bacon

I have been an active member of the Charlotte running community since 2010 as a member of the Run For Your Life Speed Demons group, based in Piper Glen/South Charlotte. I’m also an Ambassador for Destination Marathons (now Sports Tours International). More recently I've started participating in CRC events, such as the CRC Weekly Trail Run at Beatty (prior to recent injury) and the 2024 Boston Marathon Sendoff. I have been so impressed with camaraderie of the group. I have experience on boards in the past, such as the CLT Foundation as College Mentorship Chair, and have a strong background in leadership roles in Human Resource Management (currently at IBM, previously with Atrium Health and EY), which would be a useful competency for a board seat. I started my running career as a 'middle of the pack' runner, but finally after 8 marathons I qualified for my first Boston Marathon in 2023. A month after qualifying, I suffered a setback with a torn ACL from snow skiing and underwent ACL reconstructive surgery and many months of rehab to get ready for the Boston Marathon 11 months later. It was through this experience I realized the incredible support of the Charlotte running community, and I have a strong appreciation on the importance of fostering and encouraging the sport of running at all levels. It would be my honor to contribute to promoting a diverse, inclusive running philosophy to the Charlotte Running Club as a board member.

Debra Dandro

First, a little background... I discovered running back in 2013 as a way to get in better shape / lose some weight and enjoy both road and trail running. As a proud "back of the packer", I like representing the slower runners and those who do run/walk intervals. I also enjoy pacing and encouraging others to the finish line by pacing the 3-hour Half Marathon group when able. To date, I have completed over eighty half marathons, ten marathons, three 50K+, and one 50 miler. Over the years, I have assisted with several Charlotte area run clubs and am currently assisting with some here in the Kannapolis area, where I now reside. Why I would like to be on the Board: I joined the Charlotte Running Club in 2018 and then the CRC board in 2021 because I love the Charlotte running community. During that time, my involvement included helping coordinate events like the Christmas lights run and local race water stops, plus ordering some merchandise and shipping out orders from the website. If elected, I would love to continue serving. My interests include assisting with merchandise, helping plan events, supporting the various events (and taking photos, of course), as well as generally promoting CRC. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Susan Evren (Sears)

Hi! I’m Susan Evren (Sears), and I would be honored to serve on the Charlotte Running Club Board. As a nonprofit leader with previous Board service, I have experience, knowledge, and passion for serving our community.

I’ve run everything from a beer mile to a 50K and enjoy both road and trail races and supporting organizations giving back to the community.

Through my work at Go Jen Go and previously with Girls on the Run, I have been able to organize multiple 5K’s and have skill sets that would help the club grow and thrive. I am also connected to our community through networking groups, belong to the CLT Area Chamber, and serve as a coach with RunNC. Serving as a coach, especially during my GOTR coaching days, has helped me realize the power of running physically and mentally.

If you don’t see me running a local race, I’m likely volunteering at a water stop or running a race out of town. I love the friendships created through running, and the ability to cheer for all runners whether speedy or back of the pack. Running also connected me to Senol, (Thank You BRC!), so in many ways running is life-changing for me!

We all run our own races, but we are in this together, which is what I love about our local running community and why I would like to share my time and talents with CRC and its members. I appreciate your consideration!

Art McDonald

The best indication of how I would serve the Charlotte Running Club as a Board member, if re-elected, is what I have done during my two years on the Board.

I have supported running and races in Charlotte as a participant, pacer and volunteer. I belong to several running groups. Beginning in 2022, I have coached boys at Let Me Run.

I am the Secretary of the Charlotte Running Club and actively participate at its meetings (attending 23/24 during my term) and at dozens of Charlotte Running Club events. I have written and sent more than 150 welcome cards to new members. I have helped organize functions such as our quarterly socials and staffed our tent on numerous occasions. I co-author our monthly newsletter.

A quick bio: Although I ran to stay in shape for various sports for most of my life, I did not take up serious running until 2014. Since then, I have completed twelve marathons and six ultras, including two 215- milers. I celebrate my birthday by doing my age in kilometers, and in 2023, in miles.

When asked why I run, I answer (i) fitness, (ii) camaraderie, (iii) to meet challenges and (iv) to set an example for the next generations.

I am honored to have been nominated by a fellow Board member for a second term on the Board of the Charlotte Running Club. I hope I have earned the opportunity to continue serving the Charlotte running community. I am asking for your vote.

Philip Sanford

My time on the board of the Charlotte Running Club, board member since 2020 and serving as President since November, has been great and I ask for your support to be re-elected. During my time on the board, the Club's two monthly greenway runs have been established, I have started a weekly group run on Wednesday mornings (South End Coffee Run), taken over and grown a weekly group run on Thursday nights (Triple C Beer Runners), expanded the resources available to runners in Charlotte, and helped grow the club by about 60%. The focus of my time on the board has been to open the Club to ALL members of the running community. We have embraced the region's growth and made the Club an indispensable resource for the community. If re-elected, I would enhance our resources for runners, strengthen our partnerships with the business community, and expand our events and opportunities for members and the community at-large. It has been a pleasure being an integral part of the Charlotte Running Club and I look forward to serving you for two more years. Thank you very much.

Pauline Schwerbrock

I started running after college as a way to challenge myself and meet new people. Fast forward a few years, I found myself joining the Charlotte running community and meeting some of my best friends. I have run four of the Abbott Marathon Majors thus far and have two more scheduled for this fall. I’m constantly inspired by the runners in Charlotte and the positive energy everyone brings.

I love encouraging new runners and connecting people through the sport, so I wanted to give back and create a space for other women to do the same. My good friend Jordan Devan and I met through running, so we decided to start the Morning. Run Club, which is Charlotte's first ladies only run club. Whether you are new to the sport, or an experienced runner, our goal was to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive space for women to come together to run. Our group and social media have grown very quickly, and I’ve loved following everyone’s running journey. We have lots of exciting things planned this year and I plan to bring that same energy and passion to the Charlotte Running Club board.

Thank you for your consideration.

Irene Shin

On the board, I'm keen to focus on opportunities that 1) build stronger relationships between local run clubs and local businesses and 2) building resources for all Charlotte runners. 

I hope to be useful in the following ways:

- Broker access to high school (read: better) tracks 

- Conduct proactive and consistent outreach to local run clubs and businesses, reminding them that CRC should be one the main resources they use as they try and take advantage of this running boom.

- Find opportunities with businesses in the greater Charlotte area, including farms and artisan/trade associations in the smaller, neighboring municipalities

- Create branded merchandise that is useful and sustainable (I love me a good car seat towel)

About me: As a Charlotte native, I come back to find that my hometown has (or maybe always had) a supportive, vibrant running community. I hope to use my experience in NYC run crew culture and non-profit strategy/fundraising to make sure that Charlotte has a fun, inclusive running culture that can respond to its runners needs in this fast growing space. Most recently, I worked with fellow members to host a Marathon Olympic Trials party viewing party at Vaulted Oak Brewing (the brewery loved it so much, they said they would open up at 4am for us to watch the Olympics!).

Christi Stephenson

I'm Christi Stephenson. When I turned 40 I wanted to "do something crazy" so I signed up for a 5K. I wasn’t a runner so I had no idea how to train - which was apparent when I puked at the finish line. That was 17 years ago and it was the day I fell in love with running. And now here I am, asking for your vote for a position on the Charlotte Running Club Board of Directors! Since that day, I've gone on to run countless 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and marathons. I coached several seasons of Girls on the Run and currently assist my husband Jeremy with coaching middle school cross country (side story: we met, got engaged, and got married during long runs!). I'm Team Captain of Team RMHC Charlotte for the Chicago Marathon 2024 (46 runners!) and am registered for my first 50K (Misfit Island) in December. Between CRC's monthly runs, the RunNC group, and the various run clubs (shout out to Open Tap Run Club and Ballantyne Running Club!), I'm active in Charlotte's running community. I'm seeking a position on the board to represent my fellow "Jan Brady" runners, AKA "the-middle-of-the-pack" runners. Ricky Bobby may have said, "If you ain't first, you're last" but this "in-betweener" knows there are a bunch of us running between the podium finishers and the party in the back!

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