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November 14, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous

Keep Running in 2020 with These Three Injury Prevention Tips

The year 2019 is actually coming to a close and it’s about that time to start looking into the 2020 running season (if you haven’t already). Hopefully it was a great, injury-free year for you, and if so, let’s stay on that track! If you have been battling injuries and they’ve been holding you back, these three tips that can help manage and mitigate your injuries in 2020.

Running Form Assessment

Let’s be honest with ourselves, as we continue to get older, and as the days fly by, we open up the opportunity for change to occur in our running form. Perhaps it’s a slightly stiffer hamstring that is getting worse, or hip flexor that seems to be perpetually tightening up. Sure you may not hurt from it, but the reality is that you may be undergoing a slight change in your running form. Make sure to have your form assessed by a specialist to ensure you’re continuing to run optimally.

Off-Season Strength Training

Running is a sagittal sport, meaning we tend to ONLY adapt the set of muscles involved in running. This puts us in jeopardy of severely deconditioning our very important core muscles, particularly in our hips and back. Strengthen these in the off-season to help address your weak spots and minimize your risk of injury.


Mobility is a KEY requirement in the ability to continue to run pain free as we age. Of note, the hamstrings, calves, and the hip flexors almost always end up as the arch-nemesis in the field of running. Make sure that you take this off season seriously with a mobility regimen that is CONDITIONED for YOUR body.

Dr. Chad Kuntz, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS, CISSN, TPI-1, USA-W is owner of Pr1me Movement Physical Therapy. His goal is to help active individuals return back to working out, playing their favorite sport, and enjoying life without worry, drugs, surgery or meaningless doctor appointments. Contact Dr. Chad at 704-835-0831 or


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