CRC Board Elections on August 1

June 23, 2020 11:40 PM | Melissa Seuster

Each year the Charlotte Running Club elects a new Board of Directors in accordance with the club bylaws.  As a non-profit organization and as a certified USATF Club, we follow an established set of guidelines (i.e. bylaws) related to policies, finances, planning and general activities.   These affiliations allow the club to obtain insurance when required to host events, provides us nonprofit tax status, and helps elevate our presence in the community so we can live out our mission to build a strong and healthy community through running.

The founding club leadership believed it was important to establish a process of selecting board members on an annual basis.  Rather than allowing the club to be controlled by a few active members, the bylaws establish a written process to allow for new leadership. This helps promote a sustainable leadership body with the ability to allow new ideas to influence the club’s activities and policies.  To see a list of past and current Board Members click HERE

Structure of the Board

There are (4) Officer positions within the Board: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The (11) person Board of Directors is responsible for choosing these officers.  While officers have specific responsibilities, other board members are just as important to ensure the group functions as a cohesive body.  Board meetings are traditionally held once a month with smaller sub-committee meetings held as needed. 

How to become a Board Member

Individuals who are interested in being nominated to the Board of Directors should have an interest in helping to plan and implement club activities.  As a volunteer organization, Board Members are not paid for their service and give of their free time to help manage and develop club activities.  To be nominated for a board position, individuals need to have been a club member for at least six months. 

Annual Meeting and Election Process

Members are encouraged to nominate up to four individuals to the board (including themselves). The entire membership base is then invited to vote for four of the nominees. The results of the Board election are announced each year at the annual meeting.  The purpose of the annual meeting is to provide club membership with a recap of the past year activities, discuss new policies and announce the results of the elections.  Below is a summary of this year’s election process:

1. Election Nominations: All members were sent an email on June 14 as a call for nominations.  Send nominations to by Friday, July 24. Each member can nominate up to four current club members.

2. Voting: Voting begins one week prior to the annual meeting and will conclude at the meeting. Each club member will vote for up to four of the nominees. The four nominees with the most votes will be announced at the meeting, thus become new board members with a two-year term.

3. Rotating Board: The (4) newly-elected board members serve their first year with the previously elected board members serving their second year.  This overlap helps create consistency among the board. The eight elected members then select (3) AT-LARGE Board Members to create a full board of 11 members.

If you have any questions regarding the club Board of Directors please send us an email at  We welcome your feedback!


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