Nominees to the CRC Board 2020

August 01, 2020 12:00 AM | Melissa Seuster

*Update: Congratulations to Heather Carpenter, Lisa Keller, Darius Moore and Jay Seago, who were elected to 2-year terms on August 8. Stay tuned for more information from the full board in our next newsletter.

We have 10 Nominees to fill 4 vacant seats on the current CRC Board of Directors. Please read below to learn more before you cast your vote. Voting ends on Saturday, August 8, at 6 pm.

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Shawne Carew:  


Since joining the cross-country team my sophomore year in high school, I fell in love with running. Like most people here in Charlotte, I am a transplant.  I went from running the crowded streets of Brooklyn, New York to spending countless hours running the lush greenways and the ever expanding neighborhoods, in and around Charlotte. It amazes me to see the rapid growth of our city and its diversity.  Not only am I passionate about running, I am equally passionate about sharing the joy of running and reframing Charlotte’s running culture.  I am currently a co-captain of Black Men Run Charlotte, a member of F3 (Swayze), an advisory board member of Let Me Run Charlotte, and a current board member of the Charlotte Running Club. I love the Charlotte running community and would like another term as a CRC board member to share our passion with others.

Heather Carpenter:

I am a proud member of the Charlotte Running Club and I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve as a board member.  I would work hard to help the club grow and inspire other runners in the Charlotte area.  We have such an AMAZING group of runners here in this area and I feel so very blessed to have made so many supportive friendships through our shared LOVE of running.  I have volunteered at various CRC events and know many of your faces from those events.  I have also been in involved in Let Me Run and 3-2-1 Dash for Down syndrome.  I grew up in Columbia, South Carolina and graduated from the University of South Carolina.  I moved to Charlotte in 1995 after college and can't imagine living anywhere else.  I am the proud mom of 3 boys - Tyler (22), Jackson (15) and Grayson (11).  When I am not running or spending time with my boys, I work as the legal manager for an insurance brokerage firm in the Southpark area.  I live in Ballantyne with my non-running but super supportive husband, Rich, and our three boys.  You can see me on the streets running (usually early morning) in Ballantyne, Southpark, Myers Park or Dilworth.

Please consider me for board appointment.  I will work hard to make the Charlotte Running Club even better, continue to share my love of running and help ensure that the Charlotte running community continues to connect with others to inspire and encourage each other as much as possible.  

Lisa Keller:  

 Thank you for the consideration to acknowledge my desire to serve on the Charlotte Running Club (CRC) Board of Directors! My name is Lisa Keller and I am the Council Relations Manager for Girls on the Run International Headquarters and volunteer at the local Charlotte Council for the last 12 years. My responsibilities include coaching, trainer, and served on multiple committees (5k, risk, culture, adult engagement-to name a few) to advocate running and healthy living into communities. I earned my BA in Organizational Communications from Queens University of Charlotte. I’m married to my running buddy, Dan, and we are proud parents of Tyler and Isabella.

One of the main reasons I am motivated to serve on the board is my willingness to give back to my Charlotte community that has so inspired my running through the years. Additionally, as a Puerto Rican American woman I want to inspire our Latino community further through running. In the past, my running role models were limited; however, it’s a more promising story today. I want to continue to advocate running is for everyone! I maintain this philosophy–and share with others whenever possible–that anyone can and should run for their health and happiness.

While my appointment to be a CRC board member would be a huge honor and great source of pride, I assure you that I will do my best for the club. I hope to work with you all as we continue to work on achieving new heights for the Charlotte running community.  Thank you (Gracias)!

Tim Mann: 

I’m humbled and happy to accept the nomination. My name is Tim Mann. I’m 30 years old and have been running since 2017. I grew up in Greensboro, NC and got my undergrad in Accounting from UNCW. During my time at UNCW I also competed all 4 years on the varsity swim team. Shortly after graduation, I went on to get my MBA from Ole Miss. From there, my career as a financial advisor for BB&T Scott & Stringfellow brought me to Charlotte. In 2017 I joined the finance committee for Let Me Run. I threw my hat in to help raise money for LMR by doing the NYC Marathon. At the time I was doing little to no running at all. The race was a transformative experience and I’ve been running ever since. In 2018, I was asked to help lead Wooden Robot’s RunBots group. I also now consider myself a regular at the Flying Biscuit Run Club on Sunday’s. I have a wife, Lauren, a nearly 2 year old son, Tripp, and an 8 year old spaniel mix named Charlie. My favorite things are spending time with my family outdoors, training with my friends, and cheering on the ole miss rebels, Carolina Panthers, and the Charlotte Hornets.

Running has brought me so much joy over the past 3 years. I’ve met a number of friends and it has given me a renewed sense of purpose. Ultimately I just want to give back to the community and the sport that has given me so much. Whether it’s through volunteering for races or directing a race some day, I want to reach as many people as possible and expose them to the sport as we continue to grow this awesome community.

Douglas McDowell:  


Please consider my interest in serving on the CRC board. A few things about me:

  • Running is central to me and my family.
  • My family joined CRC when we moved to Charlotte in 2017. We enjoy participating in community running events, sometimes as a family, sometimes individually.
  • My daughter competes in high school cross country and track.
  • I took up running in 2015. In the past five years I have completed six marathons, countless half marathons and 10Ks, and the occasional 5K.
  • I am not an elite, or even that fast; I represent the heart of the running community that need and appreciate programs.
  • I have held volunteer board positions in the past and have community-building experience.  You can learn more about me here: or

Thank you for your consideration.

Mike McMillen:  


Even before I was born, my Mother knew I'd be an active child and thankfully that was one expectation I could easily rise to. I grew up in England playing football (the round variety), and given I was brother #3, it meant I spent most of my days chasing a ball for hours on end. This naturally set me up for becoming a 'runner' as I became more seasoned. As a Physical Education teacher I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to teach at International Schools in China, Vietnam, and Thailand across 8 years and it was here my love for running took off. Running became the perfect way to explore new places and also meet new friends who would become my 2nd family away from home. I started entering more races and soon took the plunge into marathon running, starting with the Great Wall of China marathon. 20,000 steps and 7 hours later, it became official, I now had marathon fever and the good news was, I was pretty sure I could only get better! After moving to Charlotte in 2017, my first action was to seek out other runners and run clubs and since then the running community has been a central part of my life here and I can't wait to give back to this community.

One of my core messages to my students is to encourage them to be positive, and if they see potential to make something better, they have the power to take action. I realize that in order for this message to be successful, I have to be a role model, to lead by example and inspire others. As a Physical Education teacher, and more recently a Father, it is my responsibility to help prepare others to engage in physical activity and healthy habits for life. This path may start in school, but if it is for life, then we need to ensure that there are opportunities and communities around for all to access and become a part of. I'd like to serve so that I can work with local organizations and schools to help create greater opportunities for our youth to stay active and healthy through running and also expose them to the Charlotte Running community and events so that they have a pathway to continue on after leaving school and into the future.

Secondly, since running has played such a central role in my social life, wherever I have lived, I want to ensure that the Charlotte running community continues to build on opportunities to connect with other runners and build relationships and friendships. Like many others, running is a social activity that brings us together, therefore I want to ensure we have plenty of occasions to appreciate and enjoy moments together, with or without our running shoes on!

I hope these ideas also resonate with you and that you can help make them happen by voting for me!

Darius Moore ("Moore Moves")

Occupation in the real world: Run Coach for Moore Moves & Trainer at 9Round Kickboxing

Why should Charlotte runners know you? Charlotte needs to know that one of their own, runs every step with his hometown in his heart. My passion for running stems from my desire to alter the typical narrative of an inner-city youth. To give all who I encounter, inspiration through my passion for running.

As a current member of the board, I want the opportunity to continue to grow the Charlotte running community. In addition to CRC, I’ve been a volunteer with CMS, Let Me Run, Girls On the Run, XC for Youth, RunningWorks, Jimmy V foundation, & many other non-profits. As a kid growing up, we had several free or state funded programs for kids. With those programs being reduced, I’ve chosen to put much of my time into the local youth. Hopefully they’ll keep the club going when we’ve hung up our running shoes. 

Guess I’ll wrap this up.....




           I LOVE LEARNING

                        VOTE FOR #MOOREMOVES

James Perez:  

My name is James Perez and I am honored to be nominated for a position on the board of the Charlotte Running Club. 

I was born in Atlantic Beach, Florida where I lived till I was 18 before headed to college at Furman University. I did not start running until I was a senior in high school, when my best friend convinced me to the 800 meters. That is when I found my passion for running! I walked on the team at Furman and was able to continue to progress over longer distances. 

Upon graduation I moved to Charlotte, which I now am very proud to call home. Joining the club gave me an instant community here in Charlotte and allowed me to compete in my first Blue Ridge Relay (ouch). 

As a member of the club, I have taken advantage of the opportunities the club provides, but joining the board would allow me be give back to the running community for which I am so passionate. 

Jay Seago:  

Jay is currently serving on the Board of The Charlotte Running Club as the Vice President.  Jay has been on the Board since January of 2018, and has helped out wherever needed during his tenure.  Jay is the Regional Director for Let Me Run - a Boys Character building and running program founded here in Charlotte, which has grown by over 100% in participation since he started there.  Prior to beginning his work with Let Me Run in 2015, Jay was a middle school teacher and coach for 14 years in Roanoke, Virginia.  Jay is passionate about the Charlotte Running community, and even more passionate about bringing everyone together within it, while attracting new members.   Jay has completed 10 marathons, over twenty half marathons, and numerous other races.  When not running or working, Jay enjoys spending time with his family, riding his mountain bike, or hanging out with friends at local breweries.   

Phillip Sanford: 

As a member of the board, I would continue to build on the foundation that the club has set to build the running community in Charlotte. I would use my experience as a RRCA coach, leader with the NoDa Brewing Run Club, and coach with Let Me Run to use the CRC as a gateway into running for people who have interest in running, but don't know how to start or what to do. In addition to that, I would love to help with the free 5k program that was going to start before COVID-19 canceled everything. Through my race director experience, I have established strong relationships with potential sponsors and participants to help grow this event.


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